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Carriers Advocate Greater Investments to Drive Data Explosion in Africa

The broadband market in Africa is very significant, with demand being met by global carriers and network developers such as Angola Cables. The following article is from Submarine Cable World’s Daily Newsfeed…

Quintillion System Granted Landing License by FCC

Ocean Specialists is proud to support all of our clients and we are happy to share their major milestones. The following article from the Submarine Cable World daily newsfeed of April 12, 2017 describes the Quintillion network and the granting of their FCC Landing License. Congratulations Quintillion!

TSC and OSI comment on Asia Pacific Network Development

Remote island markets in the South and Central Pacific are being connected to the global submarine cable network at an increasing pace. This paper looks at the reasons behind this development and what the future holds.

Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Project Announcements

Submarine Cable World Daily Newsfeed has updated its list of new submarine cables announced in 2016. Tracking new systems provides insight into the level of level of optimism in the industry for the need for new cables and the ability to raise money to build them.

Monet Submarine Cable Selects Equinix for Landing Station and Digital Gateway

South Florida data center and interconnection hub anchors new submarine cable between North America and Brazil

Ocean Specialists is proud to support all of its clients and we are happy to share when recent developments work in their favor. The following news release describes a recent milestone reached on Angola Cables’ Monet Submarine Cable.

Equinix, Inc.(Nasdaq:EQIX), the global interconnection and data center company, today announced it has been selected by the Monet Submarine Cable investors to provide U.S. facilities and services for the next-generation cable landing station architecture to support the Monet Submarine Cable System ("Monet").

DOCOMO PACIFIC Achieves Next Major Milestone for “ATISA” Submarine Cable

Ocean Specialists Inc. is pleased to recognize the accomplishments of our clients and honored when we can share their good news with the industry. The following news release offers details into DOCOMO PACIFIC’s recent success involving their efforts with the “ATISA” submarine cable.

Tamuning, Guam – DOCOMO PACIFIC achieved another important milestone in deploying the ATISA submarine cable by completing the marine surveys of the undersea path leading to the cable landing sites on Guam, Saipan, Rota, and Tinian, which is the next step in the route selection process.

New 2016 Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Locations

The submarine fiber optic cable industry is in the midst of a major building spree. Since 2014, supply contracts for nearly 150,000 kilometers of new cable systems have been announced, including nearly 25,000 kilometers in the first six months of 2016. Although this pace is down a bit from earlier six-month periods, it still indicates significant growth.

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