About Ocean Specialists

Mission Statement

Create and maintain a company and corporate culture governed by Safe and Environmentally sound practices, known both internally and externally for its honesty, integrity and reliability in its relationships with its customers, employees and suppliers. Create value for all that are employed by, or that have business dealings with the company.

Specialize in the ocean industry by applying science, information, and technology in support of the offshore, coastal and underwater markets around the world. Achieve excellence by attracting top individuals in their fields, then create incentives and provide support for those individuals to reach their full potential.

Our Values

People. Process. Precision. We work as a team to deliver detailed, actionable, strategic solutions through marine project integration to enable our clients’ long-term success. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, delivering impactful results based on a foundation of programatic technological and commercial expertise.

Ocean Specialists provides integrated technical services and specialized marine operations to the global ocean and subsea markets.  We deliver reliable, discrete and innovative solutions drawing upon a wide range of in-house resources and expertise.  Our ocean engineering and technology competence, combined with extensive operational experience allow us to offer integrated solutions to customers across the ocean industry, including:

  • Subsea Telecom – subsea fiber optic network development and operations
  • Government and DoD support services – technology development and deployment
  • Test and Evaluations (T&E) programs - marine ops, support platforms and personnel
  • Ocean Sciences & Observing – cabled, seabed, satellite and advanced buoy systems
  • Oil & Gas – local and long-distance subsea networks to connect offshore assets
  • Seabed mining – seabed and floating systems for monitoring and communications

Ocean Specialists’ expertise is in integrating engineering, technology and marine operations. We provide cost effective, rapid deployment and discrete solutions for a wide range of commercial, scientific and government programs. 

Ocean Specialists is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental Shelf Associates, Inc.

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