Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Ocean Specialists is respected as a leading international marine operations consulting firm with a formal Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) program to protect human health, avoid and prevent accidents and injuries, and minimize impact to the environment.

Safety Pledge

Because we view HSSE as an integral component of our business model and critical to our ability to deliver quality services and products to our clients, OSI emphasizes the importance of HSSE for every activity and provides the resources, knowledge, and training necessary for staff to meet HSSE objectives.

We actively manage our business activities to achieve and exceed the highest US and international safety and environmental performance standards, while conducting our operations in strict compliance with applicable US and host country laws, government regulations, contractual agreements, and other HSSE-related requirements. We constantly monitor and assess our achievements in an effort to continually improve our HSSE system. We pledge to safeguard the people and environment at every location in which we operate.

Achieving Standards

OSI utilizes a Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) approach to safety program administration.

Safety Management

At OSI we employ many different techniques to ensure safe operations and promote a safety culture throughout our organization. Conducting business around the world requires that we comply with international standards in addition to OSHA and US EPA regulations.

OSI’s senior management is in complete support of the OSI Safety Program and actively participates in safety meetings, training, and program management. This level of attention and dedication to safety makes it possible for OSI personnel to adjust the programs as necessary to meet client requirements in addition to fostering a safety-first mentality by removing the roadblocks to free and open employee participation and ownership of the OSI Safety Culture.

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