Services We Provide

OSI’s competencies cover the following categories: Network development, Cable operations and maintenance support, Engineering & technology, Marine operations, and Program management, all linked by our extensive knowledge and experience of offshore infrastructure and engineering.

Network Development

Our experts have consulted on and played a major role in numerous international network projects.

Cable Operations

We leverage our experience and expertise in the industry to support all phases of marine cable operations.

Marine Operations

Our staff of leading subject matter and operational experts has decades of experience in marine programs.

Test & Evaluation (T&E)

Ocean Specialists supports a wide range of surface, water column and seabed Test & Evaluation programs.

Deployment & Recovery

Ocean Specialists coordinates marine assets and personnel for deployment and recovery activities.

Engineering & Design

We design, build and deploy tools and unmanned marine systems for use in marine environments.

Uncrewed Surface Vessels

OSI’s USV services are centered around the integration of the vehicle with your choice of sensor package and communications needs to meet your project and PM requirements.
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