Marine Operations

As OSI, we understand the technical and practical challenges of marine operations. Increasingly, there is a need for reliable, experienced, and quality-assured marine services and feasibility studies, which consider every aspect of technical, environmental, and safety assessments.

Extensive Marine Experience

Understanding the viability of a marine operations project requires analyzing a host of interrelated risk factors and evaluating how they could impact your operations’ outcome. This detailed study ultimately relies on two critical aspects: institutional experience and the caliber of our subject matter experts (SMEs).

Our international network of SMEs ensures that we are able to balance the local and regional considerations with the technical know-how required for complex marine operations. Our feasibility expertise enables our clients to understand and make critical decisions to optimize efficiency, curb project risks, and reduce costs and time when practical.

Whether a marine operations project involves the development of a deep water monitoring system or assisting US DOD contractors on the application of autonomous systems, Ocean Specialists has the breadth of experience and track record to both advise on and deliver turnkey subsea technical solutions for commercial and government customers worldwide.

Group Resources

Ocean Specialists Inc. is part of Continental Shelf Associates Inc., a family of companies that has been serving the ocean and offshore industries for over five decades. This enables us to leverage field-proven assets and long-established expertise. These pooled resources, including program managers, project specialists, operations personnel, and marine engineers, allow us to develop custom, fit-for-purpose responses to your marine operational requirements.

We are also able to rapidly mobilize crewed vessels and equipment, and have access to an extensive array of field-proven deck equipment (an expanding portfolio of A-frames, LARs, cranes, winches, HPUs, and sheaves), marine research technologies (including GPS products, buoys and towfish), and essential instrumentation for hydrographic, offshore geotechnical, and metocean surveys. To further enhance your marine operations project, we can also offer use of our fleet of autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs), or augment this project with third party autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to support both topside and underwater operations.

Rapid access to these resources, especially when clients require a combination of marine assets, offshore subsea engineering and specialized operations, is critical to our ability to deliver practical solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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