Uncrewed Surface Vessels

OSI owns a fleet of uncrewed surface vessels (USVs), which we make available to clients in the Defense market sector. Consisting of Surveyor, Utility, and Endurance class USVs, our fleet offers a range of sizes from 1.8m – 11m, with comparable duration, and sea state capabilities. These versatile, autonomous platforms coupled with in-house expertise are certain to add value to your next operation, testing and integration project.

OSI USV Services

OSI provides extensive USV services, centered around integration of the vehicle with your choice of sensor package and communications needs to meet your project and PM requirements. The fleet of autonomous vessels is available to lease for use on your next operations mission or development and testing initiative. Subject matter expertise and project management services are also available to enhance any portion of your project.

Our services include:

  • Test platform leasing
    • USVs available to the client for use in testing new hardware and systems
  • Integration services, performed:
    • alongside the client through each step of a project, or at selected points of the integration.
    • independently of the client to integrate a USV that will meet their needs.
  • Project Management, where we:
    • Create a plan for integration and testing
    • Oversee and direct integration of new hardware and systems aboard USV
    • Oversee and direct testing of the integrated hardware and systems aboard USV
    • Generate deliverables based on the results of tests and integration aboard USV
  • Customized solutions
    • Inquire for details


Our expert in-house engineering and sensor integration capabilities are available to guarantee success in your uncrewed mission.

Description of USVs

Modular in design, and equipped to accommodate multiple payloads, our USVs accept a variety of sensors enabling real-time control of the vehicle based on sensor or operator input. When utilized simultaneously, these vessels are capable of Cooperative and Collaborative operations. Our USVs communicate with the operator via cell, line-of-sight RF, or satellite connection. All of our vessels are interface agnostic. USV operations can be carried out on a platform as simple as a laptop, as complex as a Network Operations Center (NOC) and many options in between. These qualities make OSI’s uncrewed vessels ideal platforms for use on missions or for testing and integration of sea-going technology.
Surveyor 1.8M

SR-Surveyor M1.8

The SR-Surveyor M1.8 is a tightly integrated, compact hydrographic survey USV that features an EdgeTech 2205 sonar system for bathymetric and side scan imagery, a SBG Inertial Motion Unit, a Velodyne LiDAR Puck, and an optional ADCP. This USV is a highly portable, turnkey solution to advance your hydrographic and subsea imaging project (low profile, shallow draft, SUV-transportable).

USV 40

SR-Utility 4.0 | SR-Utility 5.7

The SR-Utility 4.0 and the SR-Utility 5.7 USVs are configurable uncrewed catamarans. Each has a mounting pole for multi-beam sonar or other subsea sensors. Both vessels can accommodate a wide array of payloads.


SR-Endurance 11.0

The SR-Endurance 11.0 USV is designed for longer ocean missions. The large catamaran features plentiful deck space for payloads and an optional diesel generator.

Payload Options

The versatile nature of our USVs allow for the integration of many different sensors including:

Benefits of USV Operation

Utilization of uncrewed vessels offers many benefits over traditional maritime operations. Reduced carbon footprint (all of our USVs are battery powered), increased efficiency, and increased safety are among these benefits. USVs make it possible to gather intelligence without putting people in harm’s way. A USV has a lower profile than a traditional vessel and draws less attention in forward areas. An uncrewed vessel can also serve as a force multiplier.

Transport, Launch & Recovery

Each of our USVs is easily transported over the road via a discrete trailer requiring only a pickup truck or SUV as the tow vehicle. Global shipping via container is available. Our USVs can be launched from a boat ramp or crane.

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