Angola Cables Commends Ocean Specialists Role in Subsea Cable Project Development; Extends OSI Contract for SACS Project Implementation

Following their recent announcement of a partnership that will install over 17,000km of new subsea cable directly connecting Angola, Brazil and the United States, Angola Cables has affirmed and praised Ocean Specialists, Incorporated (OSI) for the highly strategic role the subsea cable advisory and project management firm has played in the design and development of Angola Cables’ global network build out.

Angola Cables OSI Press Release

Angola Cables, with the strategic and operational support of OSI, has initiated two innovative new subsea cable networks. The first, known as the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) links Angola with Brazil, is already under construction and marks the first South Atlantic modern D-WDM fiber optic cable network in history. The second, the recently announced Monet cable network, will further connect Santos and Fortaleza in Brazil and Boca Raton, Florida, providing onward connectivity to Angola via SACS. The Brazil-US network is currently under construction in partnership with Algar Telecom (Brazil), Antel (Uruguay) and Google.

Subsea telecommunications cable networks are critical to global voice and data communications, and carry over 98% of the worlds’ telecommunications traffic. High-speed fiber optic networks are essential to both businesses and consumers, and allow real-time access to apps, social media, websites and other bandwidth intensive services. As the most efficient way to transmit information between continents and cities, fiber optic cables provide added benefits of security and reliability that are indispensable to both telecom service providers and their enterprise customers.

“The design and implementation of a subsea cable network is a highly specialized undertaking, and OSI, as our partner in network development from the very beginning of the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) discussions, has been instrumental to our success. From providing an initial economic viability analysis and network development strategy to evaluating investment options and network design, and then on to running a competitive tender process and rigorous evaluation process for our network contractor, OSI has been absolutely critical in supporting Angola Cables as we execute our regional and global strategy,” stated Antonio Nunes, CEO, Angola Cables.

“With their existing ownership in the West Africa Cable System (WACS), Angola Cables’ network build out across the Atlantic and on to the United States is an important piece in its Tier 1 global connectivity strategy,” stated Tom Soja, Vice President, OSI and Strategic Advisor to Angola Cables. “The SACS and Monet networks, combined with the existing WACS network, place Angola in an excellent position to function as the ‘hub’ of Africa’s regional communications needs.”

Angola Cables has extended OSI’s five-year relationship and responsibilities to the project implementation phase which will carry the company’s involvement through to the final acceptance and initial O&M of the new subsea network. OSI – the industry’s leading submarine cable project management and delivery firm – has actively led and directed these two major supply contracts on behalf of Angola Cables, from project feasibility and funding to network build and installation, contracting two leading suppliers in the undersea cable industry for final project completion.

About OSI: OSI Delivers Global Connections. OSI’s team combines unequalled subsea cable development experience throughout the planning, design, procurement and installation phases of a subsea network development. OSI minimizes project and network risk and maximizes return on investment to ensure project success.

OSI provides Subsea Cable Network:

  • Planning including business case analysis, financial structure analysis, life-cycle planning and partner identification;
  • Design to fully consider and mitigate all risks, maximize system reliability and develop feasible budgetary targets;
  • Procurement using our teams’ vast experience working both for and with major industry suppliers;
  • Installation & Commissioning from factory acceptance and quality assurance to ship reps and transmission experts;
  • Operations & Maintenance during initial commercial traffic and circuit turn-up and wet plant repair planning & contracting.

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About Angola Cables: Angola cables is an international wholesale carrier that operates submarine cable systems throughout the South Atlantic and Africa. Angola Cables also operate the Angonix (Angolan IXP) in its data center (Angonap) in Luanda. Africa is today the fastest growing region of internet penetration in the world. Angola Cables’ goal is to transform Angola into one of the telecommunication hubs in Africa. For more information visit