Focus on OTTs

Tony Mosley, Director of Business Development at Ocean Specialists Inc. (OSI) participated as an instructor last month at PTC Academy held in Bangkok, Thailand, the 20th and 21st of September as part of their Navigating Change event.

Tony’s topic was Over the Top (OTTs) / Internet Content Providers – Threats or Opportunities. His class consisted of 15 students from the following countries:  Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, and Kiribati.

“This was a terrific group of students that were eager to mutually educate and learn about the theme: Navigating Change and the impacts of new players in the Telecommunications market,” said Tony.

Collectively there was a class-wide agreement that OTT’s were both threats in some areas and opportunities in others depending on one’s services:  Wireline Provider, Full Service Provider, Mobility Provider, Internet Service Provider, MVNO or Cable TV Provider.

OTTs represent something different to each Provider. For example, Facebook represents a significant growth opportunity for Mobility and MVNO Providers since customers usually need to purchase smart devices to use these applications.  Google, on the other hand, may be a threat to Wireline providers since they offer Google Fiber in some jurisdictions in direct competition to incumbents making them spend additional CAPEX to keep up. Depending on your place in the network, OTT’s can be helpful or hurtful.