Ocean Specialists to Attend PTC’24 in Honolulu, Hawaii, from January 20-24, 2024

The final countdown to the PTC’24 Conference has begun, and a team from Ocean Specialists Inc. (OSI) will be in attendance for the four-day annual event due to take place at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii, from January 20–24, 2024. Widely regarded as a strategic springboard for the global communications industry each year, Rich Rogers, OSI’s Director of Integrated Subsea Solutions, and Tony Mosley, Director of Business Development, look forward to participating in the planned discussions and networking events set to outline what lies ahead for the ICT industry.

The industry faces several significant challenges moving forward, most of which center around the mounting operational pressures on new and existing subsea network infrastructure. Unrelenting demand for connectivity alongside a rapidly expanding offshore energy sector, with both oil and gas and wind projects targeting deeper, more remote sites, puts unprecedented pressure on the submarine cable industry to provide innovative networking planning and response.

All the while, outages remain a stumbling block; on average, there is one cut every three days on all routes. Supply chains continue to lag, still struggling to rebound to pre-pandemic levels of productivity. Geopolitical conflicts in key regional choke points have triggered logistical uncertainty, creating unusual transshipments on less traveled routes, with further project delays likely in unexpected locations, and the increasing deployment of relatively novel exploration devices, such as fishing aggregation devices or potentially the robotics associated with seabed mining activities, bring new threats to the operation of existing and planned cable routes. All these factors and stressors require a clear and collaborative dialogue to action meaningful progress, and this is before we even mention the familiar risks associated with the usual network interruptions and setbacks associated with long lead permitting and sabotage maintenance restrictions.

OSI looks forward to supporting our industry partners with solutions for managing subsea assets and would be delighted to arrange meetings in advance with Rich Rogers and/or Tony Mosley. Steve Lentz, representing Subsea Data Systems, Inc (SDS), a partnership between Samara/Data and Ocean Specialists, Inc., will also be attending PTC’24 and supporting the Joint Task Force with some details on new developments for SMART Cables.

Right now, it’s an unruly world with fresh challenges to navigate, so PTC’24 is a timely opportunity for ICT professionals to come together and identify viable tech-inspired solutions to tackle cabling challenges of the day. See you in Hawaii.

To schedule a meeting with the OSI team at OTC’24, please contact rrogers@oceanspecialists.com or tmosley@oceanspecialists.com.