OSI Leaders Attend Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston

Ocean Specialists, Inc (OSI) President Perry Wright and Richard Rogers (Director of Integrated Subsea Systems) recently attended the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2024 in Houston, Texas. The conference and exhibits, held at NRG Park from May 6–9, were, as usual, a great venue to meet with existing customers and new prospects alike and discuss OSI’s commercial and defense capabilities to support ongoing and developing needs within the surface and seafloor telecommunications market.

OSI was at OTC as part of Advanced Ocean Systems (AOS) alongside our two affiliate companies Okeanus Science & Technology and SeaRobotics. While each of the three companies provides discrete specialty solutions in our respective fields, together we can offer integrated solutions to deliver surface and subsea solutions for complex marine programs.

“With the Offshore Energy sector’s continued interest in designing, developing, and integrating subsea telecommunication and power cable systems alongside uncrewed platforms and launch systems, and the expanding role that these technologies are set to play over the coming years, OTC will continue to be a must-attend event for offshore operators, specialist service providers, and technology developers,” said Mr. Wright. “As always, our thanks to the Conference Executive team for staging this event again this year, and we are looking forward to attending in 2025.”

For more information about OSI’s capabilities, visit www.oceanspecialists.com.