OSI Professionals to Participate in PTC Academy Leadership Course in 2022

Vocational learning and development is an area of human resource management that bonds all professionals, across all sectors. But for many of us, the acquisition of applied know-how and industry expertise is an on-the-job process.

The PTC Academy allows mid-level professional ICT practitioners to accelerate their “on the go” training by learning from experienced industry colleagues. Students benefit from a deep dive into “real-world” marketplace happenings and expert insights that help contextualize our everyday operations and future business aspirations.

The PTC Academy looks at many of the issues that shape commercial operations, and in doing so seeks to answer topical questions relating to where any one organization or the industry at large is heading.

The truth is that all the PTC Academy instructors, in one way or another, have all been in your shoes and have faced similar challenges of the day—mostly those that innovation and new initiatives have created for us.

What are the latest digital innovations and how should we implement them?
How do we manage a product portfolio that both delivers healthy revenues but invests in new product development?
How can we support today’s workforce to deal with industry changes?
What new tools are needed for service personnel?
Are there new approaches to working that make us operate smarter?
Should we invest in new tools to fit our portfolio of customers and improve with service capability?
How do we remove the internal barriers to better serve customers?

This list of quandaries is far from exhaustive and typical of the sorts of questions that PTC Academy students can ask of their instructors, some of the telecommunications industry’s best thinkers and doers.

We are well underway with preparations for the upcoming accredited PTC Academy: Executive Insight for Exceptional Leaders courses, due to be delivered this year in September and October.

The PTC Community supports the UN initiatives that Internet access is a right for all people with the aim is to deliver learning tools and well-balanced coursework that will help create a converged digital democracy that supports humanity.

Space in the 2022 PTC Academy Live Online Training Courses is limited and spaces are filling up fast! Interested parties are urged to look within your own organizations and think about who might benefit from attending and actively encourage enrollment. The first course fast approaching, 7-29 September 2022, with the second and final opportunity to attend in 2022 being 4-27 October.

The course consists of 10 modules, each delivered as a 90-minute live presentation during which there will be 30 minutes dedicated to a structured Q&A session.

Modules covered:

  • Introduction to Telecom: Key Trends and Changes in Business Models
  • 5G and Beyond
  • Pipes to Platforms: Cloud and Data Centers
  • Your Career, Your Ladder
  • Digital Strategy, Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Economics
  • How Would You Do It? – a Workshop
  • OTTs: Opportunities and Threats to Telcos – Taking Advantage of Both
  • Introduction to Blockchain: ICT Sector Applicability
  • Convergence
  • Digital Transformation: How Data Centers, Networks, and Clouds Are Changing IT

As stated above, registration is limited—with a cut-off of 25 participants. Enrollment for PTC members is USD 695 or USD 995 for non-members. Either way this course offers exclusive value for money with direct access to the leading minds in the global telecoms market, so keep learning with the PTC Academy!