OSI’s Tony Mosley Kicks Off PTC Beyond – The Academy Masterclass

OSI’s Business Development Director Tony Mosley recently presented the opening module of the PTC Beyond – The Academy Masterclass (2nd October).

PTC Beyond seeks to gather some of the most promising minds of the industry to encourage more young professionals to join PTC and empower the future. PTC Beyond – The Academy Master Class provides a unique opportunity for industry experts to provide management training to rising industry leaders.

In the series of 10 modules running through to January 2024, participants are given exclusive insights into the global telecom sector, learn about emerging technologies, and acquire the mindset of a top executive as you develop strategies for solving today’s business challenges and seizing tomorrow’s opportunities. The course is led by a team of expert instructors with senior executive experience, and includes a mix of presentations, in-depth case studies, and interactive exercises.

Tony’s class—Module 1 – Introduction to Subsea and Satellite Telecommunications—provided participants with an introductory overview of the subsea and satellite telecommunications industries, and how they will interoperate in the future to bring broadband to the world.

For more information, visit: https://www.ptc.org/ptc-beyond.