PTC19 OSI Panel Participation

OSI is heading out in mid-January for the 2019 Pacific Telecommunication Conference in Honolulu Hawaii, where Tony Mosely, OSI Director of Business Development, will co-host the Submarine Cable Workshop on 19 January 2019, along with Elaine Stafford of DRG Undersea Consulting.

Also participating in the panel will be:

Gil Santaliz, from NJFX, covering the Atlantic Region
Nigel Bayliff (AquaComms), Europe Region
Antonio Nunes (Angola Cables), Africa & Indian Ocean Region
Kent Bressie (HARRIS, WILTSHIRE & GRANNIS), Regulatory Update

Our session will cover new submarine cable builds around the globe. OTT’s, private entrepreneurs and carriers continue to heavily influence the expansion of the global network in nearly every ocean. The OTT’s, in particular, have contributed to the rash of new projects due to a continuing 40% YoY growth in data. Some of this growth is being driven by OTTs being built in non-traditional routes, while cloud storage and data center considerations have also contributed heavily to the accelerated need for new cable builds.

With the support of Institutional Banks and Government entities, new grant and loan funding is available for locations which have never been considered economically viable for submarine cable projects. Many of those projects are currently underway and the number of cables being planned and constructed is now larger than the industry has seen in many years.

We’ll explore new submarine cable projects, the new and emerging regional challenges presented in the industry, and the ever-evolving regulatory environment facing us in the future.

These are certainly exciting times in the subsea space as the continuing buildout and growth over the coming years will strengthen the global network for route diversity and connectivity. Come join us in January 2019 for PTC’s can’t-miss annual update of what’s happening across the globe with new cable projects, opportunities, and regulation.