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Unprecedented Demand for Bandwidth Calls for Flexible Remote Support Services

According to recent market commentary by, activity on new cable systems has continued as planned throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has unquestionably highlighted how critical submarine cables are to Internet connectivity and this is now understood by governments, businesses, and, increasingly, by the news media and general public.

And, of course, the longer the disruption continues, the more engrained our interim behavior—our new normal—becomes. In short, social distancing and other mitigation practices correlate directly with bandwidth demand. Today, telemedicine appointments, virtual business conferences, ecommerce, etc., are causing unforeseen strain on cable networks.

To that end, the strategic need for new, diverse communication systems has never been more apparent. Subsea cable systems are the primary connection for continents and islands and at the current time, according to, there are $8 billion worth of new projects under development.

Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI) supports projects at all phases within the development lifecycle and is even able to provide tailored services for clients during this period of travel restrictions. For projects which haven’t yet reached Contract in Force with a turnkey system supplier, OSI is providing Desktop Study (DTS), Permit Study, and Business Case support to aide in the early project planning and investment. This support ensures that projects can advance without stalling for months or longer.

For projects which have progressed to the Manufacturing phase, OSI is providing Remote Support Services to ensure that Marine and Subsea Projects remain on track and that we collaborate with our Customers to guarantee system quality.

OSI routinely provides a full suite of project services that include leading customer and supplier meetings and inspections and even has experience in managing these activities remotely when necessary. This month, OSI was instrumental in the successful completion of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for a new undersea cable system. The work was managed remotely with our customer in South America, the cable supplier in Europe, and with OSI working from our remote offices in the United States, meaning that our client was able to establish quality assurances and keep the project on schedule for a Q4 completion date.

OSI’s Remote Support Services include:

    • Project Management
    • Engineering Services
    • Remote Design Review
    • Schedule Development
    • Specification and Procurement Development
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Inspection
    • FAT Inspection and Acceptance Support

Should you be interested in discussing any of these Remote Support Services or other projects and requirements, please email: