Ocean Specialists, Inc Completes Phase 1 (Engineering) for Speedcast Communications Cable Project

Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI)’s Project Management Team, in partnership with Speedcast Communications, Inc has announced the successful completion of Phase 1 (Engineering) for a private communication cable system offshore East Africa. This marks an important milestone for the Speedcast communications project.

Speedcast awarded the Master Services contract and the release of the Phase 1 work order to OSI in early January. This work order included Project Management and Design/Engineering support for the communications cable system and cable landing station, along with the commencement of the Environmental and Permitting activities that OSI has subcontracted to CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc (CSAOS). The private cable system will serve the Oil & Gas industry onshore and offshore East Africa.

OSI implements a seamless approach to project management and has the in-house resources to deliver the highly integrated services and customer support needed to help clients mitigate against risk and, where necessary, make certain important adjustments throughout the process.

One such adjustment was necessary due to the unforeseen threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Perry Wright, OSI’s project lead: “The normal controls for a project of this nature involve numerous face-to-face meetings, workshops, and site visits which, in this case, had to be adapted to facilitate the participation of multiple stakeholders located in the US, Europe and East Africa. It is a tribute to the flexibility and commitment of the entire project development team that this was managed with no impact on the completion schedule for this phase or the quality of the work delivered to customer.”

For the implementation phase of the project, OSI will continue to provide support that includes project management, design oversight for the integrated cable solution, specification for the Landing Station and co-location facilities, system installation support, which incorporates route development and installation methods oversight, and commissioning and acceptance monitoring.