OSI Completes Feasibility Study for a New Cable System in the Arabian Gulf

Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI), has successfully completed a feasibility study for a new submarine cable system in the Arabian Gulf for a prominent oil and gas operator. The planned cable route system is designed to significantly enhance the remote control and communications capabilities of offshore oil and gas platforms in the region, in waters located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.

Reliable, secure, high-speed fiber optic communication systems continue to play an integral role in the safe and efficient operation of offshore oil and gas assets. In addition to allowing offshore personnel to stay connected with family and friends during their lengthy deployments, these sophisticated networks provide onshore engineers and managers with the ability to remotely manage the platform’s workflow and interact with crew and control systems on a real-time basis when necessary. Furthermore, with increased high-speed connectivity, certain operations and reporting functions can now be safely conducted remotely from a land-based Remote Operations Center, yielding ongoing efficiency gains in terms of staffing and overall productivity.

The initial Feasibility Study is a critical step in validating whether a proposed submarine cable route will deliver on the original project objectives. Unlike a Desk Top Study (DTS) or a Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) study, which both occur later in the planning and execution of a new cable build, the Feasibility Study helps identify alternative routing and configuration concepts, while also assessing any potential risk exposure and setting realistic project timelines with full baseline cost analysis. The Feasibility Study culminates in a written report that outlines a comprehensive list of recommendations for the executive team to consider and ultimately base their subsequent decisions on.

“We are very pleased with the successful delivery of this important submarine cable route Feasibility Study,” said OSI’s General Manager Perry Wright. “OSI’s customer, a major energy provider in the region, sees the expansion of their fiber network as an essential and cost-effective investment in their exciting expansion plans in the Arabian Gulf. Pending the procurement review and approval from the project sponsor, OSI looks forward to supporting our client on future phases of this important project.”