OSI Develops Network Strategy for Ghana Oil & Gas

Network Strategy for Ghana





The realities of diverse telecom needs are perhaps more evident offshore Ghana than anywhere in the world. An operator keen to deploy modern-era offshore oil extraction and production technologies faced a number of challenges: a developing national telecom environment, the need to access real-time data combined with maritime security concerns, and the need to provide enhanced platform operations and lifestyle benefits such as video calling and online entertainment for offshore personnel. Fiber optic network capacity delivered to offshore assets is a growing necessity.


OSI has worked to develop field network architecture that provides a bridge between network technologies available today and a fiber optic network being designed to connect offshore assets. OSI is working on behalf of the group, leading all commercial and technical aspects of the project – from commercial business case development, partnering recommendations, and field and operator requirements, through RFP cycles encompassing technology vetting, vendor negotiations, and selection.



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