OSI Leads Network Development of Monet

monet network development


Brazil and the United States



Developing onward high-capacity connectivity for the strategic South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) is crucial to Angola Cables and the global community they serve. Monet extends the reach of the SACS network to North America, providing a much-needed transatlantic capacity cable of linking Africa, India, and Asia to North America via the Southern Hemisphere.


Similar to OSI’s involvement in SACS, we were embedded with the Angola Cables network development and executive teams in all aspects of this project. After successfully identifying and developing key strategic partnerships on behalf of Angola Cables, OSI is leading the partner working committees, network and technology assessments, and landing station vetting and selection. OSI oversaw all construction, installation, commissioning, and initial operations and management processes on behalf of Angola Cables during the life of the project.



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